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zp barbie

Land of the Yellow Hat


too much to do
zp barbie
not enough time

Dance Monkey Dance
zp barbie

zp barbie
Singles Awareness Day.

The perfect opportunity to hang with the girlfriends and forget all about all boys who are not nearly as interesting as their fictional counterparts.

The End

proper use of turn signals
zp barbie
"The signals provided for in section eleven hundred sixty-four shall be used to indicate an intention to turn, change lanes, or start from a parked position and not be flashed on one side only on a parked or disabled vehicle, or flashed as a courtesy or "do pass" signal to operators of other vehicles approaching from the rear."

I am so sick of people not using their turn signal and then getting mad at me for assuming they have no intention to turn. I DO NOT READ MINDS PEOPLE!!!!!!

OK, rant over signal or don't signal, just don't kill me.

The Vicious Panda
zp barbie

Once I met a Panda bear
that gazed at me with chilling stare
I asked that panda "why the glare?
I do not think your ire is fair!"
But Panda held its death cold stare
that set on edge my every hair.
He held it 'til I could not bear
to linger longer in his lair.
and so I ran as fast as I dared
through a door and down a stair,
And there was papa on his chair
reading news with weary air
"Papa papa there's a bear"
I paused to take a gulp of air
"it glared and glared and stared and stared
and wouldn't stop and now I'm scared"
So Papa set me on his chair
and hugged me tight and said "there, there,
I'm sure he meant no harm that bear
he really cannot help the stare
so why don't we go back up there
and tuck you in my princess fair"
So papa took me back upstairs
and tucked me in right next to bear
who I thought was nice to share
his nice and soft and cozy lair.
I soon forgot my midnight scare
and came to love my panda bear
in spite of his unwitting stare
and now is posted by our lair
a sign that reads "Two bears: Beware!"

lol :) :) ;)
zp barbie
fail owned pwned pictures
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zp barbie

hang on guy, the pigeonator is on her way...

no oneder are children is unedukated
zp barbie
fail owned pwned pictures
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